Aksu, Xinjiang

The independent city of Aksu (阿克苏 市, Akesu shi) is the capital of the district of Aksu in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. The administrative area of the city has officially an area of ​​14,668 km ² (the city government is on their website, however, 18,264 km ² in ), of which the urban settlement ( city ) makes up only 27 square kilometers. The end of 2003, the population had reached about 570,000 inhabitants. Aksu is located between the Taklamakan desert in the south and the Tianshan Mountains to the north by an arm of the Silk Road.

Aksu is Turkish and translates to White Water. It is a technical term, which refers to the origin of a river. The name Aksu was first used for this city in the 14th century. Several rivers are also called Aksu, for example, those flowing from the Tien Shan River.

Administratively, the city is divided into five road district ( downtown ), two large municipalities and five municipalities.

Large municipalities ( towns ):

  • 喀勒塔勒 镇zhen Kaletale
  • 阿依 库勒 镇zhen Ayikule

Communities (villages ):

  • 依 干 其 乡xiang Yiganqi
  • 库 木 巴希 乡xiang Kumubaxi
  • 托喀 依 乡xiang Tuokayi
  • 托普鲁克 乡xiang Tuopuluke
  • 拜 什 吐 格曼 乡xiang Baishentugeman

Ethnic structure of the population of the city of Aksu (2000)

At the census in the year 2000 561.822 inhabitants were in the city of Aksu counted ( population density of 38.3 inhabitants / km ²).


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41.16638888888980.25Koordinaten: 41 ° 10 ' N, 80 ° 15' O

Aksu Konaxeher ( Wensu ) - Aksu (city) - Awat - Bay ( Baicheng ) - Kalpin - Kuqa - Toksu ( Xinhe ) - Uqturpan ( Wushi ) - Xayar

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