Akuma -kun (Japanese悪魔 くん) is a manga series by Shigeru Mizuki, which was adapted as a television series, TV movie, anime series and anime movies.


The series is roughly of a hero who as Akuma -kun (English as: " Devil Boy" ) is called and wants to make the world a better place; in some series as the Messiah, who will usher in the millennial kingdom of peace. For this, he borrows the powers of Akuma, where Akuma is not just for the Christian devil, is translated with the Akuma usually, but for various ghosts and monsters ( Yōkai ) from myths and the Japanese folk belief, as is customary for the works Mizuki is.

The hero meets Dr. Faust, who initiates him in how to summon a devil, and gives him King Solomon's flute, with which he can control them too. The hero under are at the course of twelve subordinates who as the Twelve Apostles (十二 使徒, June shito ) are referred to.

Shigeru Mizuki published several manga series to Akuma -kun, but differ greatly from each other in the plot, but also in the protagonists themselves.

Publications and adaptations

Shigeru Mizuki published the stories of Akuma -kun from 1963 as Kashihon manga, ie Manga for the public library market.


The individual works were reissued partly for other publishers.


The second Akuma -kun manga by 1966/7 with Shingo Yamada as protagonists was filmed as a 26-part drama series. This was between October 6, 1966 and 30 March 1967, Nihon Educational Television (NET TV, now TV Asahi ) aired.

In the early evening of 15 September 1986, a television movie called Akuma -kun aired on Fuji TV. This represents a new interpretation, as the protagonist in this Shingo Ito (伊藤 真 吾) is.


The series was produced by Toei Animation in 1989, directed by Jun'ichi Satō an anime series. This is based on the manga Saishinban Akuma -kun. The 42 episodes complete series was aired from 15 April 1989 to 24 March 1990 by TV Asahi in Japan.

The opening credits of the series was underlaid with the song Akuma -kun (悪魔 くん) of Kōrogi '73 & Wild Cats, one used for the credits of the Title 12 Friends of YF zombie Company.

At Toei Animation Toei Manga Matsuri annual film festival two films were shown: On 15 July 1989, the 40 -minute film Akuma -kun and on 10 March 1990, the 25 minutes long Akuma -kun: Yokoso Akuma Country e! (悪魔 くん ようこそ 悪魔 ランド へ, Akuma -kun: ! Yokoso Akuma Rando e! ).


Video game

1990 Bandai released a computer role-playing game for the Famicom console for the anime series. The player can summon in the role of Akuma -kun, various demons to fight for him in several rounds.