Akutan Island

Akutan Iceland is an island of the Fox Islands, a group of islands in the eastern Aleutian Islands, Alaska. The island is about 31 km long, up to 24 km wide and has a land area of ​​334.13 km ². It is the fourth largest island in the Fox Islands and the largest island of Krenitzin Islands, a subgroup of the Fox Islands. The island is inhabited by 713 people, who all live in the village of Akutan on the east side of the island. In the southwest of Akutan Pass separates the island from the Baby Islands, Iceland and Unalga Unalaska Iceland; in the north- east, it separates the Akun Strait of Akun. The western part of the island is dominated by the very active stratovolcano Mount Akutan, whose last major lava eruption took place in 1979. In Hot Springs Bay Valley there are hot springs and fumaroles.

PK Krenitzin and M. Levashev reported in 1768 that Akutan could be a name from the Aleut language Unangan Tunuu and could be derived from the word " Hakuta ," according to the RH Geoghegan " I made a mistake " means.