Al- Amiriya (Arabic العامريه, DMG al - ʿ Amiriya ) is a district of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, in the district of al - Karch (Arabic الكرخ ) at the western city limits.


The district is located between two main arterial roads out of Baghdad: the road to the Baghdad airport and the road to the town of Abu Ghraib west of the country. The population offer a relatively good infrastructure and educational facilities.


Amiriya was not built until the late sixties of the 20th century. The influx of many Sunnis living in western Iraq in the province of al - Anbar made ​​Amiriya to a predominantly Sunni area. A very high percentage of the population comes from the Dulaimi clan Kubaisi and Bel and Dari, all Anbar; but there are also a small number of Shiite Arabs, Kurds and non-Muslims.

Became internationally known al - Amiriya during the Second Gulf War in particular by the incident on 13 February 1991, when the U.S. Air Force, believing it were a military command center, two precision bombs tossed on an air raid shelter, which more than 400 civilians perished.