Al al-Bayt University

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The University of Al al - Bayt (Arabic: جامعة آل البيت ) is a public university opened in 1994 in the Kingdom of Jordan.


By Royal Decree of 17 August 1992 to establish the University of Al al - Bayt was ordered. Thus, the urgent need for more university places should be covered. By a further Royal Decree of 16 December 1992, the founder committee was established. On 22 May 1993, the founding rector was appointed by a further Royal Decree. On 1 October 1994, the teaching activities were recorded. The official opening was held by the patron I. Hussein (Jordan) and the presence of the then Crown Prince Hassan ibn Talal on 6 March 1995.


  • Official website of the University of Al al - Bayt ( English / Arabic )