Al Cohn

Al Cohn (* November 24, 1925 in New York City; † February 15, 1988 in Stroudsburg / Pennsylvania; actually Alvin Gilbert Cohn ) was an American jazz saxophonist and arranger.

Life and work

Cohn has worked the mid-1940s with musicians such as Joe Marsala, Georgie Auld, Boyd Raeburn, Alvino Rey, and Buddy Rich. He became known as one of the Four Brothers in Woody Herman's Second Herd ( 1948-49 ) alongside Zoot Sims, Stan Getz and Serge Chaloff. After he was still a member of a band of Artie Shaw 1949, he worked in the 1950s primarily as a studio musician and recorded his first albums as a bandleader on. Since 1956 he worked at irregular intervals as Cole vein of a quintet with Zoot Sims.

Had Cohn worked as an arranger already under Woody Herman and later wrote arrangements for Broadway productions such as Raisin and Sophisticated Ladies, he focused in his last years on the play and record.

With Jack Kerouac and Zoot Sims Al Cohn recorded an album, on the improvised jazz musicians over the two blues themes while Kerouac haikus recited. His son Joe Cohn was known as a guitarist.

Disco printing specifications

  • The Progressive Al Cohn with Max Roach, Horace Silver, George Wallington, Tommy Potter, Nick Travis, Tiny Kahn, Curly Russell, 1950
  • Cohn 's Tones with Max Roach, Horace Silver, Tommy Potter, Nick Travis, Tiny Kahn, Curly Russell, George Wallington, 1950
  • Broadway with Red Mitchell, Harvey Leonard, Hal Stone, Christy Febbo, 1954
  • The Brothers! with Chuck Flores, Hank Jones, Richie Kamuca, Bill Perkins, John Beal, Barry Galbraith, 1955
  • The Essential Billie Holiday - Carnegie Hall Concert, 1956
  • Jazz from A to Z with Hank Jones, Dave McKenna, Milt Hinton, Osie Johnson, Dick Sherman, Zoot Sims, 1956
  • Al and Zoot with Mose Allison, Teddy Kotick, Zoot Sims, Nick Stabulas, 1957
  • You ' n Me with Mose Allison, Major Holley, Osie Johnson, Zoot Sims, 1960
  • Either Way with Zoot Sims, 1961
  • Body and Soul with Mel Lewis, George Duvivier, Jaki Byard, Zoot Sims, 1973
  • Heavy Love by Jimmy Rowles, 1977
  • Nonpareil with Jake Hanna, Lou Levy, Monty Budwig, 1980
  • Overtones with Hank Jones, George Duvivier, Joe Cohn, Akira Tana, 1982
  • Standards of Excellence with Herb Ellis, Monty Budwig, 1983
  • Rifftide with Eric Ineke, Rein de Graaff, Koos Serierse, 1987
  • Al Cohn Meets with Al Al Porcine Porcine, Claus Reichstaller, Franz Weyerer, Wolfgang Haffner, Roberto di Gioia, Paulo Cardoso, Thomas Faist, Auwi Geyer, Peter Kral, Thomas Zoller, O. Staniloi, Peter Tuscher, Gerd Fink, Erwin Gregg, Hermann Martlreiter, Jon Welch, 1987
  • In Concert April 17, 1986 with Steve Gilmore, Bill Goodwin, Harry Leahey, 2001