Al Hamra Tower

The Al Hamra Tower is a skyscraper in Kuwait City, the capital of Kuwait.

The construction of the comprehensive 77 floors building began in 2005 and was carried out by the company Turner Construction. The final height of the building of 413 meters was reached on 15 July 2010 whereby the tower the tallest buildings in the world belongs. At the same time it has the 371 meter high television tower Liberation replaced as the tallest structure in Kuwait. He has thus surpassed the Arraya Tower (300 meters) as the highest skyscraper in the country. Construction was the fall of 2011 - later than initially planned - complete. At the start of construction you went on the assumption that the building would be ready for the end of 2010. However, this date could not be maintained, even if the construction work proceeded without any major incidents.

The 77 floors of the building offer 195,000 square feet of floor space and are mainly used for offices. In addition, a restaurant is provided on the upper floors, of which one has a panoramic view of the city. The tower has a special spiral shape and ends with a rising roof construction. On the south side of the building has few single window. Between the windows panels were attached to the concrete marble facade. This, slightly less than half a meter large parts were individually glued by the construction workers on the facade. Specially had the workers in baskets hanging from cranes are lifted up. The structure of the Al Hamra Tower is made entirely of reinforced concrete. At the other three sides of this wall is made of glass and aluminum.

For the design of the U.S. architectural firm Skidmore was responsible Owings and Merrill. The company Al Hamra Real Estates ordered the construction of the building in order to create in Kuwait City more modern office space and thus to make the city more attractive for foreign companies.