Al-Hurr ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Thaqafi

Al - Hurr ibn Abd ar -Rahman ath - Thaqafi (Arabic الحر بن عبد الرحمن الثقفي, DMG al - Hurr bin ʿ Abd ar -Rahman at- Ṯaqafī ) is the fourth governor of Al -Andalus after the start of the Arab- Berber conquest in the year 711, he reigned from about 715/16-19.

According to the Chronicle of 754, probably the next time the Latin source, al - Hurr was on royal command (" by principalia Iussa " meaning probably the Caliph in Damascus ) to succeed Ayub ibn Habib al - Lakhmi (Arabic أيوب ابن حبيب اللخمي, DMG Ayyūb am Habib al - Lahmi ) used. His residence was probably in Córdoba, where he held stationed troops.

The Chronicle, which al - Hurr characterized as one of the most active and energetic governor, following government measures writes to him: For the first he should have strengthened the power of the judges in the conquered territory ( "per Spaniam lacertos iudicum mittit "). Secondly, he should have tried for nearly three years to gain by fighting and conclusions of contract control over the Gallia Narbonensis. Third, he should have taken administrative measures, while preparing the conquered territories from taxation ( " Spaniam ulteriorem vectigalia censiendo conponens "). He was the subject Christian population apparently those estates back that they had found the conquerors available, thereby increasing tax revenues ( " resculas Pacifica Christianis whether vectigalia thesauris publicis inferenda instaurat "). This paradoxical action is understandable if you like Collins (Arab Conquest, p 46) and Wolf ( Conquerors, p 137, FN 119) assumes that Muslim landowners had to pay in contrast to the Christian no reason or ground control and thus the management brought in no profit.

It is clear that al - Hurr was very anxious the Treasury to provide the necessary revenue: So he let Berber conquerors, who for some time were in a conquered territory and had thereby retained prey, interrogieren and torture, for example, by let them wrap it in a bag full of worms and lice.

Is not entirely clear how al - Hurrs rule ended. The Chronicle of 754 mentioned only that he followed the governor as- Samh ibn Malik al- Chawlani (Arabic السمح بن مالك الخولاني ).

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