Al-Jaish SC (Damascus)

Al - Jaish (Arabic الجيش al - Jaish, DMG al - Ǧayš, the army ') is a Syrian sports club from the capital Damascus. The men's football team currently playing in the highest league of the country of, Syrian pro league. He plays in the Abbasid Stadium, which holds 45,000 spectators. Usually this however, by Syrian standards well below average, 1,000 to 2,000 spectators. The club was founded in 1947 and is equipped with 10 championships record champions. The trophy was able al - Jaish win six times. The biggest success of the club was winning the AFC Cup 2004.

Al - Jaish is financially supported by the government and the Syrian fans accuse the club, only to be so successful and to be able to buy the only reason why good players.



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Al - Jaish in the International club competitions

On 27 November 2004 Al Jaish won the AFC Cup, which is similar to the European UEFA Cup. Al Jaish was the first Syrian club, which succeeded a title win at the continental level - all the more interesting it is that the final opponents Al Wahda was called and thus faced two Syrian clubs in the final. Both games took place in al - Abbasiyin Stadium. In the first leg, in the Al Wahda officially had home advantage, Al Jaish won 3-2; the return match ended 1-0 for Al Wahda. Because the first game was counted as an away game for Al Jaish, the record champions the " Battle of Damascus " decided on away goals for themselves. Both clubs take the 2005 AFC Champions League.

In the "Arab Club Champions Cup" and " Arab Cup Winner 's Cup," the precursors of the Arab Champions League, it was also Al Jaish, which held up the banner of the Syrian club football: Between 1998 and 2000 they reached in two competitions each twice the final, but was beaten all four times.