Al-Karamah SC

Al - Karama (Arabic الكرامة al - Karama, also al Karama or al Karameh ) is a Syrian football club from the city of Homs. The club name can be different translation: dignity, miracle, reputation, honor, generosity, nobility, generosity or largesse. al - Karama was previously seven championships ( most recently in 2009 ) and five cup wins ( most recently in 2009 ) to celebrate. The home games are at the Municipal stadium, which has a capacity of nearly 40,000 seats, discharged. The followers of al - Karama considered to be particularly fanatical. The stadium is often well filled, cheered the team emotionally.

The club in 1928 as Khalid Bin Walid Sports Club was founded. Since 1971, the club is called in his current name. In the season 2005/06, al - Karama succeeded in the AFC Champions League with second place a great success. The team had to just under the big favorites of Cheonbuk Hyundaie Motors from South Korea to admit defeat. While Cheonbuk home won 2-0, won al - Karama in Homs 2:1. The first goal was extremely lucky in the 89th minute. Prior to this off from Iran and Saudi Arabia ( among other al -Ittihad ) al - Karama in the first round and in eighth, quarter and semi-finals experienced teams. 2009 won the club for the third time in a row the double of league and cup.



  • Syrian pro league
  • Syrian Cup


  • AFC Champions League