Al Milgrom

Allen " Al " Milgrom is an American comic book writer and signatory.

Life and work

Milgrom started in the mid 1970s working as a professional cartoonist. Getting more attention was given to him in 1974 when he won the Shazam Award in the category " outstanding new talent " ( Outstanding New Talent ). His artistic breakthrough came in 1978 with the latest appearing in DC Comics science fiction series Firestorm, whose main character, the student superhero Firestorm, he had developed jointly with the author Gerry Conway.

In the 1980s, designed Milgrom as signatories especially books for Suerpheldenserien in the Marvel Comics publishing program. So he drew for the series The Avengers (1983-1985), Kitty Pryde and Wolverine (1984-1985) and Secret Wars II ( 1985-1986). In addition, he advanced in the mid-1980s, its range of activities and began to operate as an author. Its author debut was in 1984 as a writer of the series, Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider -Man, which he supervised for a year as a result. In later years, Milgrom took over Author jobs for the Incredible Hulk series (1986-1987), Mephisto (1987) and Amazing Spider-man (1991).

About his work as an author and illustrator also continuously operated Milgrom also as a publishing editor and technical pens. As an editor, he led in the 1980s, along with Archie Goodwin Epic Comics, a publishing imprint of Marvel Comics internal. In addition, he oversaw in this function, the series Marvel Fanfare in the first ten years of her life ( 1982-1992 ).

As a technical pen, he contributed to the design of booklets such well-known series such as Cable, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Generation X, Micronauts, Uncanny X -Men, Warlock and X-Factor.

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