Al - Muktafi (Arabic أبو أحمد المكتفي بالله علي بن أحمد المعتمد, DMG Abū Aḥmad al - Muktafi bi- ' ʿ Alī b llāh Aḥmad al -Mu ʿ tamid, . * 875, † 13 August 908 ) was the seventeenth Abbasid Caliph ( 902-908 ).

Al - Muktafi, a son of al - Mutadid ( 892-902 ) is considered the last Caliph, who was in the territories under him to enforce his authority. Under him, the sphere of the Abbasids was again expanded considerably, as 905 with the occupation of Syria and Egypt managed to overthrow the Tulunids. Although 904 North Syria of Byzantium was attacked in the year, but plundered the Arab fleet under the renegades Leon of Tripoli in return successfully the Aegean Sea areas. With Thessaloniki Muslims were able to conquer and plunder also one of the most important Byzantine towns.

Under al - Muktafi indeed reached the Hamdanids in Mosul and Aleppo in northern Syria to power, but they recognized the caliph in Baghdad as their overlords at. In Syria, the Abbasid could also weaken the Ismaili movement decisively after riots Bedouin led by followers of the Fatimids were defeated. However, the Ismaili Qarmatis of al - Hasa developed a new threat to the Abbasid Caliphate.

The successor al - Muktafis was his brother al - Muktadir ( 908-932 ).