Al - Muqtadir (Arabic أبو الفضل المقتدر بالله جعفر بن أحمد المعتضد, DMG Abū al -Fadl al - Muqtadir bi- ' llāh Ǧa ʿ far b Aḥmad al -Mu ʿ taḍid; . * 895, † 932 ) was the eighteenth Abbasid Caliph (908 -932 ).

With Abu l -Fadl Ja'far ibn al - Mutadid al - Muqtadir, a son of al - Mutadid the fast internal dissolution of the Caliphate began. Immediately after taking office, he had to a revolt of his cousin Ibn al - Mutazz resist, but was saved by the eunuchs al - Munis al - Muzaffar.

In particular, the neglect of government business by al - Muqtadir, the rapid change of 13 viziers and the lavish court life hurt the prestige of the Abbasids quite considerably. The actual power was by the eunuch al - Munis ( 908-933 ) exerted who controlled the troops and the government. This allowed the administration to be reasonably maintained.

After the Caliph had already lost much of the political power, now the spiritual leadership of the Abbasid caliph was challenged. After the fall of Aghlabids ( 909) won in Tunisia / Ifriqiya the dynasty of the Ismaili Fatimid rule. Their rulers claimed the title of caliph and targeted to the 11th century, active at the fall of the Abbasids. The Umayyads of Córdoba, the 929 following the example of the Fatimids proclaimed a caliphate, were not a threat to the Abbasids in Baghdad, however.

During the reign of al - Muqtadir the Volga Bulgarians took over Islam in the Middle Volga 922. Hence, Islam was first adopted by peoples who were not in the boundaries of the old caliphate.

Al - Muqtadir was murdered at a 932 troops revolt ( for lack Soldes ) in Mosul. New caliph was al - Muqtadirs brother al - Qahir ( 932-934 ).

  • Caliph ( Abbasid )
  • Born 895
  • Died 932
  • Man