Al-Qasim al-Ma'mun

Al -Qasim al - Ma'mun (Arabic المأمون القاسم بن حمود, DMG al - Ma ʾ mun al - Qāsim 'm Hammud, † 1035 ) was from 1018 to 1021 and 1023 Caliph of Córdoba.

Al -Qasim He succeeded his brother Ali ibn al - Nasir Hammud and so continued the rule of Hammudiden in the Caliphate of Cordoba. First, he was able to achieve a settlement with the Berber leaders and consolidate his rule, after 1018 the elimination of the Umayyad Abd ar -Rahman IV was successful. However conspired Yahya al - Mutali, the son of his murdered brother Ali ibn Hammud, increasingly against his rule. When his troops defected to Yahya, had al -Qasim in August 1021 according Sevilla flee.

He could but already in 1023 to return to Cordoba using faithful slave troops. But it soon came to a successful uprising of the population of Córdoba against the Berber troops who were severely beaten. New caliph was Abd ar -Rahman V, so that the Umayyads were able to displace the Hammudiden again by the caliph 's throne. Although, al -Qasim to escape, but he fell into the captivity of Yahya al - Mutali, who had him executed and incarcerated after 13 years.

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