Al Said

Said Dynasty, also Al -Said dynasty (Arabic: آل بوسعيد, DMG Āl Bū - Sa ʿ īd ), the ruling dynasty in Oman since 1746.

After the end of Dynasty Yaruba pacified Ahmad ibn Said (1746-1783) Oman and founded the today 's ruling Said dynasty. In 1747 he drove the last Persian troops from the country and had himself elected in 1749 to the Imam of the Ibadis. He threw again the fallen during the Civil War East African coast to Cape Delgado. He also secured the command of the sea of Oman in the Persian Gulf and the control of the Persian coast.

1784, there was a separation between secular and religious violence, as Imam Ahmad ibn Said ( 1783-1811 ), his nephew Hamad ibn Said left the government had ( 1784-1792 ). In 1800 there was a crisis of the Empire, as the Wahhabis attacked the Oman and control of the Pirate Coast ( is now the United Arab Emirates) was lost.

Under Said ibn Sultan al - Busaidi (1804-1856) the empire reached its climax when the Wahhabis sold and the tribes of the coast pirates could be defeated with British support. However, Britain now took personal control over these coastal areas. Since then, Said increasingly focused on the African possessions, where the slave trade (despite official prohibition ) and the cultivation of cloves in Zanzibar achieved great gains. 1840, the residence of the empire was finally moved to Zanzibar. After the death of Said in 1856 broke infighting between Madshid and Thuwaini ibn Said ( 1856-1866 ), which were completed in 1860 by Britain and the division of the empire in the Sultanate of Oman and the Sultanate of Zanzibar led. With the loss of customs revenue from the African ports of the rapid decline of Oman began.

Under Imam Azzan ibn Qays (1868-1870) was formed in 1868 in the interior again ibaditisches Imamate, which led to the de facto partition of the country, as Said dynasty with British help, only managed to maintain coastal areas. In 1959, Said ibn Taimur under the Imamate ( 1932-1970 ) was reunited with the rest of the country. Because of the extremely conservative government Said that prevented economic development and modernization of the country, he was overthrown in 1970 by his son Qaboos bin Said.

Under Qaboos began an extensive modernization, which transformed the country within a few decades from a feudal society into a modern industrial society. This was very encouraged by the run since 1967, oil production and resulting revenue. Also succeeded Qaboos to end the Dhofarkrieg (1965-1975), in which the socialist South Yemen supported by PFLOAG sought to gain the rule. Dhofar 1975 could be pacified again. In 1990, the border with Saudi Arabia has been set. Despite all the modernization of the state and society Qaboos ruled on as an absolute ruler. A political liberalization in the country is not foreseeable.

The African branch of the family ruled the Sultanate of Zanzibar until the revolution of 1964.


  • Ahmad ibn Said ( al - Imaam Ahmad ibn Sa ʿ id) 1746-1783
  • Said ibn Ahmad (al- Imaam Ahmad ibn Sa ʿ Eid ) 1783-1788
  • Hamad ibn Said ( Hamad ibn Sa ʿ id) 1788-1792
  • Sultan ibn Ahmad ( Sultan ibn Ahmad ) 1792-1804
  • Said ibn Sultan al - Busaidi ( Sayyid Sa ʿ Eid ibn Sultan ) 1804-1856
  • Salim ibn Sultan in 1804 (along with Sa ʿ id)
  • Badr ibn Ahmad ibn Saif 1805-1806 ( with Said )
  • Thuwaini ibn Said ( Thuwaini ibn Sa ʿ id) 1856-1866
  • Salim ibn Thuwaini ( Salim ibn Thuwaini ) 1866-1868
  • Azzan ibn Qays ( ʿ Azzan ibn Qays ) 1868-1870
  • Turki ibn Said ( Turki ibn Sa ʿ id) 1870-1888
  • Faisal ibn Turki ( Faisal ibn Turki ) 1888-1913
  • Taimur ibn Faisal (1913-1932)
  • Said ibn Taimur (Said ibn Taimur ) 1932-1970
  • Qaboos ibn Said ( Qaboos ibn Sa ʿ id) since 1970

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