Al Shabab FC (Riyadh)

The al -Shabab Club (Arabic al- Shabab الشباب, DMG aš - sabab ) is a football club based in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. The club plays in the top league in the country, the Saudi Professional League. The home games are held at the King Fahd Stadium.

Club history

The club was founded in 1947 under the name of Shabab Riyadh. The founder and first president of the new association, Abdulrahman Bin Saeed, retired in 1957 after internal disputes from the club from. He then founded the now known as al -Hilal club. 1967 merged two smaller clubs, al Najmah and al Marekh, with Shabab. Since then, the club al -Shabab Club calls. In the early days of the club, the team colors were at first white-green, orange-blue after the merger, before finally in 1977 the present colors stood firm, white-gray - black. 1993 succeeded the club to win for the third time in a row the championship. This was still no other club in front of al -Shabab. In the competition of the Asian Club Championship, today's AFC Champions League, the club reached the final, where they lost against Pas Tehran 1-0. 2001 but could be won but then the first international title. In the Cup Winners' Cup finals in Asia could be won against Dalian Shide 4-2. The most recent of five championships were won in 2006. After the end of the just ended 2008/09 season the club finished 4th and qualified, as in the previous year for the Asian Champions League.



  • Saudi Professional League
  • Crown Prince Cup


  • Cup Winners' Cup Asia
  • Asian Club Championship


Former notable players

  • Saudi Arabia Said al - Uwairan
  • Saudi Arabia Rida Tukar
  • Saudi Arabia Abdulaziz Khathran
  • Saudi Arabia Abdullah al - Wakid
  • Saudi Arabia Mohammad Khouja
  • Morocco Mustapha Bidoudane

Former renowned trainer

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