AL is the abbreviation for:

  • Head of Department (or Abtl ), the manager of an organizational unit of the Department
  • Section Head, part of unit leaders on board ships of the German Navy
  • Ancestor list, the representation of the ancestors of a subject in list form and therefore an important result form the genealogy
  • Aigle- Leysin train ( French Chemins de fer Aigle- Leysin ), a narrow gauge rack railway with the Abt system, leads from Aigle SBB in the Rhone valley up to Leysin, see Transports Publics du Chablais Aigle- Leysin train #
  • Aileu ( district ), a district of East Timor, capital of the district is the same as in urban Aileu classified Suco Painting
  • Alabama, American State as postal abbreviation
  • Alagoas, a Brazilian state
  • Albania, according to ISO 3166-1 and as a license plate
  • Alsace- Lorraine Alsace - Lorraine, Réseau ferroviaire d' Alsace-Lorraine, railways 1919-1938
  • Old Leipzig - Halle, a German insurance association
  • Alternative left, a Swiss party
  • Alternative List ( Switzerland ), Swiss parties in Zurich and Schaffhausen, national engaged in the Alternative Left
  • Alternative List for democracy and environmental protection, a West Berlin party
  • American League, one of the two major leagues in North American professional baseball
  • Trailer ladder, the fire department
  • Arab League, an economic union of Arab states
  • Armia Ludowa, an underground organization in Poland
  • Artificial Life ( English), see Artificial Life
  • Propositional logic
  • Awami League political party in Bangladesh
  • Brennabor type AL, a car of the upper class
  • Lübeck Central Station DS 100
  • Skyway Airlines, American airline after the IATA code
  • The post code area St Albans ( as the initial letters of a postcode from the UK )

AL as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Landkreis Altena ( discontinued)
  • UK: Peterborough
  • Italy: Province of Alessandria
  • Netherlands: vintage cars prior to 1973 (black signs with white letters )
  • Norway: Mysen in the province Østfold
  • Sweden: diplomatic plates for Austria
  • Serbia: Aleksinac
  • Spain: Almeria Province ( discontinued)

ÅL as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Finland: Åland Islands

A. L. is an abbreviation for:

  • Anno Lucis, a Jahreszählweise of Freemasons

Circles and Qarks in Albania according to ISO 3166-2:

  • AL- 02, Durres
  • AL -03, Elbasan
  • AL -04, Fier
  • AL- 05, Gjirokastra
  • AL- 06, Korçë
  • AL -07, Kukes
  • AL -08, Lezha
  • AL -09, Dibra
  • AL -10, Shkodra
  • AL -11, Tirana
  • AL -12, Vlora
  • AL- BU, circle Bulqiza
  • AL -DI, Circle Dibra
  • AL -DL, Circle Delvina
  • AL- DR, circle Durres
  • AL- DV, circle Devoll
  • AL- EL, Elbasan district
  • AL -ER, Circle Kolonja derived from Albanian: Rrethi i Kolonjës
  • AL -FR, district Fier
  • AL- GJ, district of Gjirokastra
  • AL -GR, Circle Gramsh
  • AL -HA, Circle Hat
  • AL -KA, Circle Kavaja
  • AL- KB, circle Kurbin
  • AL -KC, Circle Kuçova
  • AL -KO, Korçë county
  • AL -KR Circle Kruja
  • AL -KU, county Kukes
  • AL -LB, Circle Librazhd
  • AL- LE circuit Lezha
  • AL- LU, circle Lushnja
  • AL -MK, Circle Mallakastra
  • AL -MM, Circle Malësia e Madhe
  • AL- MR, circle Mirdita
  • AL -MT, Circle Mat
  • AL -PG, Circle Pogradec
  • AL -PQ, Circle Peqin
  • AL- PR, circle Përmet
  • AL- PU, circle Puka
  • AL -SH, district of Shkodra
  • AL- SK, circle Skrapar
  • AL -SR, Circle Saranda
  • AL -TE, Circle Tepelenë
  • AL -TP, Circle Tropoja
  • AL -TR, Circle Tirana
  • AL -VL, Circle Vlora

AL stands for:

  • A symbol for nuclear factor in the coil inductance, see # Bestimmung_der_Induktivität_mittels_AL inductance value

Al is an abbreviation for:

  • Albert, or Alan, male names, namesakes see there
  • Aluminum, as a chemical symbol

Al (Turkish: "red") is a surname and may refer to:

  • Ekrem Al ( born 1955 ), Turkish football coach
  • Hasan Al (born 1972 ), Danish boxer
  • Mehmet Al ( b. 1983 ), the Turkish football player
  • Thijs Al ( b. 1980 ), Dutch cyclist

Al is the name of:

  • Al Jean ( born 1961 ), American screenwriter and producer

Ål stands for:

  • Ål, a place in Norway
  • License Plate for Åland, an autonomous region of Finland

Āl stands for:

  • Āl, a group of demons in the South Caucasus and Iran, puerperal ghosts

Al stands for:

  • A definite article in Arabic, see Arabic Language # The status

. al is an abbreviation for:

  • Al., the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) for Albania

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