Ala Littoria

Ala Littoria S. A. was the name of the national airline of fascist Italy.


Ala Littoria was created in August 1934 by an operation carried out under government control merger of airlines

  • SAM - Società Aerea Mediterranea (founded in 1926, owned by the state, de facto predecessor of Ala Littoria; 1959-1976 as a charter airline Alitalia re- worked )
  • Transadriatica (est. 1925 1931 taken over by SAM)
  • SANA - Società Anonima di Navigazione Aerea (est. 1925)
  • SISA - Società Italiana Servizi Aerei (est. 1923)
  • AEI - Aero Espresso Italiano (est. 1923).

1935 took over Ala Littoria the Adria Aero Lloyd ( Albania routes ) and the North Africa Aviazione (est. 1931). The the Fiat Group subsidiary airline ALI ( Avio Linee Italiane ) participated in this consolidation process, however, does not participate.

Ala Littoria had an extensive network in Italy. On many routes you put a flying boats of the company Savoia Marchetti. Abroad, the company operated primarily aims in Europe and in the Mediterranean. Particularly well developed were the connections to Albania and the Italian colonies in North and East Africa. At line services to South America it came only in 1939 by the subsidiary LATI ( Linee Aeree Italiane Transcontinentali ), although Italy decreed in this area with Italo Balbo, Arturo Ferrarin, Francesco De Pinedo and others about capable air pioneers who repeated some larger aircraft formations were flown across the Atlantic and also to Asia and Australia.

During the Second World War, the grown to over 140 aircraft fleet of the airline, the Italian military used to air transport services. Some of them were quite integrated into the Italian Air Force. From 1946 began the work of Alitalia Ala Littoria as flag carrier continues.


The name Ala Littoria is made up of the Italian words ala (German "wings" ) and littorio (Eng. " lictor "). After the fasces and the Rome- Urbe was named during Fascism, who was then the home airport of the airline.


On April 30, 1938 Savoia Marchetti SM.73 - Ala Littoria crashed during a flight from Tirana via Brindisi to Rome from around 100 kilometers from Rome. In the accident near Maranola all nineteen occupants were killed.