Alabama Thunderpussy

Alabama Thunder Pussy ( ATP ) was an American heavy metal band from Richmond.


Alabama Thunderpussy was founded in 1996 by Bryan Cox, Erik Larson and Bogdan Asechiah. After a few live performances, the band was completed by Bill Storms and Johnny Throckmorton, which could be started with the recordings for their first demo in 1997. By this they received a contract with Man's Ruin Records, where in 1998 their debut album Rise Again was released.

Already one year later their second album River City Revival, which was promoted with a tour of the Southern United States. After his return began in the fall of 1999 the recording of the third album Constellation, which was released in spring 2000, followed by Staring at the Divine in 2002.

In 2002 ATP to label Relapse Records. Shortly after, singer Throckmorton left the band and was replaced by Johnny Weils. On 24 May 2004 Fulton Hill was released.

For unspecified reasons was finished working with Johnny Weils in spring 2006. For him Exhorder vocalist Kyle Thomas joined the band. Instead of Mikey B John Peters was now playing bass.

On 9 March 2007 the latest album Open Fire, which is limited in color-treated vinyl of 1000 copies appeared.

The band broke up in September 2008, after their singer got out and it was pretty quiet else around them.




  • 2000: Split CD with Orange Goblin
  • 2000: Split CD with Halfway to Gone
  • 2000: Right In The Nuts: A Tribute to Aerosmith (Small Stone Records, Compilation )