Aladdin Records

Aladdin Records is an American blues and jazz label, especially in the area of rhythm and blues and swing.

History of the record label

Aladdin Records was founded in 1946 by brothers Eddie, Leo and Ira Mesner and had its headquarters in Hollywood. Initially it was called Philo Records, the label " Aladdin Records " has been introduced.

Aladdin Records was known for a series of shots of the then very popular rhythm & blues and early rock and roll style; also published some important jazz recordings on the label, such as the title of Coleman Hawkins, Jay McShann, Illinois Jacquet or the legendary Aladdin Sessions of Lester Young, which were produced 1945-1947 by Leonard Feather. In addition to the recordings made in Los Angeles, some Aladdin recordings were performed in New Orleans by Cosimo Matassa. The first title that was recorded for " Philo Records " was, "Flying Home" by Illinois Jacquet, recorded in July 1945. Among the artists who worked for Aladdin Records, were among musicians and singers such as Louis Jordan, Shirley & Lee, Clarence " Gatemouth " Brown, The Five Keys, Lightnin ' Hopkins, Dave Bartholomew, Gene & Eunice, Wynonie Harris, Thurston Harris, Johnny Ace, Charles Brown, Nat " King" Cole, Billie Holiday and others. In 1954, the brothers launched the sacristan sublabel Jazz'West the release of 10 -inch vinyl records and the classical sub-label Orfeo. In 1960, the label was sold to Lew Chudds Imperial Records and is now to the catalog of EMI.

It is under the same name Aladdin Records a pop record label in the UK.