Alamada, Cotabato

Alamada is a Philippine municipality in the province of Cotabato.


Alamada borders the province of Lanao del Sur in the north, to the municipalities in the south Libungan, Banisilan in the east, as well as Pigcawayan and Buldon in Maguindanao province in the west. Alamada is about 20 km from Libungan, from where the municipality can be reached by road. The provincial capital, Kidapawan City is located about 100 miles and Cotabato City 74 km away. The area is generally hilly and mountainous and located 500-2815 m above sea level. The largest river, which flows through the township, is the Libungan. Alamada is outside the TYPHOON and belongs to the type IV climate of Corononasystems the Philippine climate classification with over the year almost evenly distributed rainfall. Exceptions are the driest months of May and September. The average monthly rainfall varies between 127 mm and 1154 mm.


Alamada is politically subdivided into 17 barangays.

  • Bao
  • Barangiran
  • Camansi
  • Dado
  • Guiling
  • Kitacubong ( Pob. )
  • Macabasa
  • Malitubog
  • Mapurok
  • Pacao
  • Paruayan
  • Polayagan
  • Pigcawaran
  • Rangayen
  • Lower Dado
  • Mirasol
  • Raradangan


The history of the present-day municipality Alamada to the times of colonization of Cotabato Peninsula back by the Spaniards. The town was founded in 1595 as a rather poor rural community. Before the foundation of the borough, this area was part of a pilot project for the settlement of landless peasants ( "Land for the Landless " ), which was initiated by President Ramon Magsaysay to settle to former members of the Hukbalahap. This project was implemented by the Philippine Army. On January 1, 1954, this area was named by a general assembly of the Philippine Army Genio Edcor. From 1 January 1954 to August 6, 1961 Genio Edcor was a political subunit of the municipality Midsayap. With the establishment of the municipality Libungan on 7 August 1961, which was a part Midsayaps until then, Genio Edcor was a Baranggay the newly established municipality. Mid-1960s, an initiative was launched some residents Genio Edcor with the aim of forming an independent municipality. The municipality was established after the adoption of Republic Act No. 5645 by the Senate on May 20, 1969, by the House of Representatives on 22 May 1969. The name goes back to the local ruler Datu Amaybulyok Alamada.