Alamo, California

Contra Costa County


Alamo is a defined for statistical purposes settlement area ( census -designated place ) in Contra Costa County in the U.S. state of California with 14,570 inhabitants ( 2010).

The settlement lies to the east of the Bay of San Francisco in roughly extending from southeast to northwest San Ramon Valley at 78 m above sea level. The valley stretches between the Mount Diablo to the east and the Las Trampas Ridge to the west. Alamo is located on San Ramon Creek above between the towns of Danville and Walnut Creek below. Alamo and the San Ramon Valley are accessible by Interstate Highway 680.


The area belonged in 1833 to the so called Rancho San Ramon - country grant, in which Mariano Castro and his uncle Bartolo Pacheco today's Alamo, Danville and surrounding the adjacent lands were overwritten by the time belonged to Mexico nor California's administration. 1843 was the site of the Alamo later transferred to the brothers Inocencio and Jose Romero, a change of ownership but has not been sufficiently documented, so that he was not recognized after the annexation of California by the United States after the Mexican- American War of 1846-1848.

The American pioneers Mary Ann and John Jones came in 1847 through the valley and settled down there in 1851. More American settlers established small farms and in 1852 a post office under the name Alamo, the Spanish word for poplar trees after the trees in the valley, was established, which was led by John Jones. The economic base of the valley were next to the cattle in particular the fruit growing. 1873, the first Walnut plantation was applied, this fruit still dominates agriculture in central Contra Costa County.

Alamo today

A significant development in the region did not occur until after the Second World War. Alamo and the entire Contra Costa County grew from the 1960s along with the rise of the Bay Area to the west and the Silicon Valley in the south. From 1,791 inhabitants in the year 1960, the population rose to 15,626 to 2000. Only after the turn of the millennium, the population increased again somewhat, to 14,570 at U.S. Census 2010. Alamo Today is a residential area with generous plot sizes and belongs to the catchment area of Silicon Valley. Residents have far above average management functions, 63.5 % say in management, business, science, and arts occupations to be busy. The median household income is $ 147.746 (2010), nearly three times over the entire United States ( $ 51.914 ). The population also has an above-average level of education, 40 % have a college degree.