Alan C. Gilmore

Alan C. Gilmore is a New Zealand astronomer.

Gilmore works as a member of the area of physics and astronomy at Mount John Observatory, which is operated by the University of Canterbury, near the Lake Tekapo. Together with his colleague Pamela M. Kilmartin he discovered so far 40 asteroids. Both, however, are also dedicated to the discovery and exploration of comets. On 22 August 2007 Gilmore discovered a previously unknown object, which he at first took for an asteroid, but then turned out to be a periodic comet. The building now bears the provisional designation P/2007 Q2 ( Gilmore ).

Alan Gilmore also a member of the Committee of the IAU, which is responsible for the dissemination and distribution of the terms and the assessment of newly discovered objects. Him even the Asteroid ( 2537 ) Gilmore is dedicated.


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