Alan Quinlan

As of June 11, 2011 National October 11, 2011

Alan Quinlan (born 13 July 1974 in Tipperary, Ireland ) is a former Irish rugby union player who played on the wing forward positions and number eight. He was active for the region Munster and the Irish national team.

Quinlan went through the youth national teams of Ireland, before he first came to the Lord select the country in the 1999 World Cup for use. At the next World Cup injury series, which put him in the following years again and again out of action began. In 2006 he won the first Munster Heineken Cup, which he again came in 2008. He was nominated in 2009 for the tour of the British and Irish Lions to South Africa. Due unsportsmanlike conduct in the Heineken Cup semi-final against Leinster but was blocked twelve weeks, and could not participate in the tour so. End of the 2010/11 season Quinlan resigned.