Alasdair Allan

Alasdair Allan ( born May 6, 1971) is a Scottish politician and member of the Scottish National Party ( SNP). Allan studied at Glasgow University and graduated as a master. Subsequently, he completed his doctorate at the University of Aberdeen in Scots.

For the first time Allan went on to national elections for the lower house elections in 2001. In his constituency Aberdeen North, he received the second highest share of votes and thus failed to reach the House of Commons. In the Scottish Parliament elections in 2003, Allan applied for the direct mandate of the constituency Gordon, however, was able to unite only the third highest number of votes up. 2007 Allan went to the Western Isles constituency. He defeated the mandate holder and Labour politician Alasdair Morrison and moved for the first time in the Scottish Parliament. In the parliamentary elections in 2011, he defended his position. He was in 2011 appointed Secretary of State for Education, Science and Scottish language.

Prior to his time in the Scottish Parliament Allan wrote regular newspaper articles in Gaelic language and was elected in 2006 to the Gaelic Journalist of the Year.