Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act

The ANCSA Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, abbreviated, is the largest settlement of territorial claims in the history of the United States and was adopted on 18 December 1971 by the signature of U.S. President Richard Nixon. The aim of the ANCSA was to determine the long established to clarify claims of Alaska Natives and to promote the economic development of the State. The Regulation Act transferred land rights to twelve Alaska Native Regional Corporations ( local authorities) and over 200 bodies at the level of villages. A thirteenth regional authority was created later for the no longer living in Alaska natives.


1968 discovered the Atlantic Richfield Company a rich oil reserves in Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean, and thus brought the subject of unresolved land ownership on the agenda of the government. In order to transport the oil produced, the construction of the Trans - Alaska pipeline to Valdez was decided on the Gulf of Alaska. However, the construction could not begin until the claims of Alaska Natives were limited to areas through which the pipeline would extend clarified.

The pressure of the oil industry, the regulation of territorial claims received a high priority and urgency among policy makers. In consequence incurred Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, the aboriginal rights came from on of them unused areas and received as compensation land ownership rights over 180,000 km ² land and a payment of 963 million U.S. dollars.

Alaska Native Regional Corporations

The rights created by the ANCSA twelve local authorities are represented by associations Native ( Native American organizations ) who were responsible for the registration of current and former residents. The persons and Villages were registered shareholders of corporations. The compensation payments and land ownership have been overwritten by the law of the twelve local authorities and another corporation for 1971 no longer living in Alaska natives. The bodies at the level of Villages and their partners received their shares on the local authorities. Only the residents of Metlakatla on Annette Iceland in southern Alaska kept their reserve under a contract of 1891.

  • Ahtna, Inc.
  • The Aleut Corporation ( TAC)
  • Arctic Slope Regional Corporation ( ASRC )
  • Bering Straits Native Corporation ( BSNC )
  • Bristol Bay Native Corporation ( BBNC )
  • Calista Corporation
  • Chugach Alaska Corporation ( CAC)
  • Cook Inlet Region, Inc. ( CIRI )
  • Doyon, Limited
  • Koniag, Incorporated
  • NANA Regional Corporation ( NANA )
  • Sealaska Corporation
  • The 13th Regional Corporation