Graphic representation of Alaskacephale

  • Alaska

Alaskacephale is a little-known genus of bird Beck dinosaur ( Ornithischia ) from the group of Pachycephalosauria. Only species described is A. gangl official.

From Alaskacephale has only been an almost complete left squamosal ( squamosal ) - a skull - known. This has, as with all Pachycephalosauriern on small bony bump. From other dinosaurs of this group but it differs in the fact that two slightly divergent rows of prominences are present, and the bumps have a polygonal base and a clear top. Otherwise, nothing is known about this dinosaur.

The fossil remains of Alaskacephale were found in the Prince Creek Formation in the U.S. state of Alaska and Roland Gangloff et al. 2005 first described as a nameless Pachycephalosaurier. 2006 Robert Sullivan coined the generic name Alaskacephale, from the locality and the Greek kephale ( = " head"), a common name component of Pachycephalosauriern derived. Type species is A. gangl official. The finds are (upper Campanian ) dated to the Late Cretaceous to an age of about 76 to 72 million years.