Automobiles Catala was a Belgian manufacturer of automobiles. The brand name was Alatac, so the manufacturer's ananym.

Company History

The company had its headquarters in the Rue Ten Bosch in Brussels and factory facilities in Braine -le- Comte. It began in late 1912 with the production of automobiles. 1914 production ended.

Rolling stock

The company offered two models with four-cylinder engines from Chapuis - Dornier. These were the 9/12 CV ³ with 1526 cc and 12/16 CV with 2297 cm displacement. The vehicles based on chassis of Malicet & Blin. The engines were mounted at the front chassis and drove to the rear axle. The vehicles were equipped with removable wheels.

Sports bets

The vehicles were also used in auto racing. So Etienne took part in the rally in 1914 Catala d'Ostende.