Alatri (pronounced ALATRI ) is a city in the Italian province of Frosinone in the Lazio region with 29 137 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012). It is located 84 km east of Rome and 13 km north of Frosinone.

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Alatri is located in the hills of Ciociaria. It is a member of the Comunità Montana Monti Ernici

The neighboring municipalities are Colle Pardo, Ferentino, Frosinone, Fumone, Guarcino, Morino (AQ ), Trivigliano, Veroli and Vico nel Lazio.


The state road SS 155 connects Alatri with the places and Fiuggi Frosinone and the A1 Autostrada del Sole.


Alatri was probably founded in the 6th century BC by the Hernicans. After Alatri and other villages had participated in the second Samnitenkrieg that Hernici were made ​​BC 306 to tax and duty paid subjects of Rome.

Alatri is in the 5th century bishop's seat, now merged with the diocese of Anagni.


Source: ISTAT


Giuseppe Morini (PD ) was elected in May 2011 to the mayor. He won the election against his predecessor Costantino Magliocca ( ​​PdL ) (2006 - 2011). The center-left alliance also with 10 of 16 seats, the majority in the City Council.

Twin Cities

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  • The city walls and the walls of the Acropolis cyclopean dates from the time of Hernici and is one of the Italy's best preserved.
  • On the plateau of the Acropolis and the remains of a temple of Saturn Cathedral of San Paolo was built.
  • The Romanesque church of Santa Maria Maggiore dates from the 13th century.