The Alb- Donau-Kreis is a district in Baden- Württemberg. Administrative seat of the district administration is the district-free city of Ulm. The county, together with the district of Biberach and the urban district of Ulm in Baden-Württemberg part of the Danube-Iller region in the district of Tübingen. The Alb- Donau district is bordered to the north by the district of Göppingen and at the Heidenheim district, on the east by the Bavarian districts of Günzburg and Neu- Ulm and at the district-free city of Ulm, in the south by the district of Biberach and to the west the district of Reutlingen.

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The Alb- Donau-Kreis has in the north portion of the Swabian Jura and south of Upper Swabia. Through the southern district area, the Danube flows from southwest to northeast. She enters in Obermarchtal the district area and leaves it at Erbach (Donau ) to Ulm.

In the Alb- Donau-Kreis are approximately 295 places ( towns, villages, hamlets, farms, cottages and groups of houses ).


The Alb- Donau district was formed by the district reform on 1 January 1973 essentially by combining the counties Ehingen and Ulm, as well as some of the municipalities of the districts Biberach and Münsingen. Some communities of the county Ehingen went to the district of Biberach, and two municipalities of the district Ulm went to the district of Göppingen ( after they had already been 1971/72 incorporated into the city Geislingen ).

The Altkreise Ehingen Ulm and go back to the same Württemberg top offices, which built after the transfer of territory to Württemberg in 1802 or 1810, then changed several times and were renamed in 1934 counties. The former top official Blaubeuren went in 1938 to almost entirely in the district of Ulm. Thus, the Alb- Donau district today consists of the former municipalities upper offices Biberach, Blaubeuren, Ehingen, Geislingen, Laupheim, Münsingen, Riedlingen and Ulm, whose reign membership is described in detail on the sides of the respective Oberamts before 1800.

After completion of the municipal reform of the Alb- Donau-Kreis still includes 55 municipalities, including eight cities (including the major district town Ehingen (Donau) ), making it the county with the most municipalities in Baden -Württemberg. Largest city of the circle is Ehingen (Donau), smallest municipality is Emeringen.

Population Development

The population figures are census results (¹) or official updates by the State Statistical Office of Baden- Württemberg ( only primary residences ).


The district is administered by the county council and the district administration. The district council is elected by the voters in the district for five years. This body elects the District for a term of eight years. This is the legal representative and the representative of the district as well as Chairman of the County Council and its committees. He directs the district office and is an official of the circle. His area of ​​responsibility includes the preparation of the district council meetings and its committees. He shall convene meetings, directs this and implements the decisions taken there. In the bodies he has no voting rights. His deputy is the first state officials.


The district council is elected by the voters in the district for five years. The municipal election held on 7 June 2009 yielded the following distribution of seats (62 seats):

District administrators

The district councils of the district Ehingen 1938-1972:

The district councils of the district Ulm 1938-1972:

The district administrators of the Alb- Donau district since 1973:

Coat of arms



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Economy and infrastructure



The circle area is accessible by five active and two decommissioned in control mode Railroads. Specifically, these are:

  • The Donautalbahn, which runs through the district area the longest, section Ulm Blue Beuren Schelkingen -Ehingen - Munderkingen - Rechtenstein
  • The Filstalbahn section Ulm- Amstetten
  • The Brenz Railway section Ulm- Langenau Rammingen (Württemberg )
  • The Württemberg in southern railway section Ulm- Erbach
  • The Swabian Albbahn section Schelkingen Huts
  • The local railway Amstetten - Gerstetten section Amstetten Schalk Stetten ( decommissioned)
  • The Albbähnle in its entire length of Amstetten ( Württemberg) to Laichingen, but the section Oppingen - Laichingen is already degraded and the remaining distance in control mode without traffic

The district area is incorporated in the traffic group DING. Of particular importance is the connection to the railway junction Ulm Hbf, where ICE, IC, EC, and, since 2007, the TGV connection there and so cities like Berlin, Munich, Paris or Amsterdam can be reached.


The northern district area is touched by the Federal Highway 8 Stuttgart -Ulm - Munich. By the northeastern district area, the Federal Highway 7 Würzburg- Ulm -Kempten runs. The district area is further developed by federal, state and county roads. The main highways are the B 10 Stuttgart- Ulm, the B 28 Reutlingen -Ulm and the B 311 Tuttlingen -Ulm.


The circle holds a 20.989 % on purpose association Oberschwäbische power stations and can be as involved in the energy policy of the company EnBW and natural gas southwest, where the purpose association of 45.01 % ( EnBW) and 21% ( ESW ), influence.


In the county the output Laichingen the Southwest press and Ehinger daily paper, which is also a head Journal of Southwest Press, as well as the Swabian newspaper appear. In Illertal (Southern Alb- Donau-Kreis ) appears Dietesheimer edition Illertal Messenger of Southwest Press.

County facilities

The Alb- Donau-Kreis is received the following Professional Schools: Valckenburgschule ( School of Nutrition, Health and Social Affairs) Ulm, Commercial School Ehingen (Donau) with branch Laichingen, Commercial School Ehingen with branch Laichingen and Magdalena Neff School (domestic and Agricultural School ) Ehingen (Donau), and also the following special schools: Schmiech school for mentally and physically handicapped with special education kindergarten Ehingen (Donau), Gustav -Werner - school for the mentally handicapped with Schulkindergarten Ulm, Friedrich von Bodelschwingh School for the physically handicapped with Schulkindergarten Ulm, Astrid Lindgren school for children with speech defects with Schulkindergarten Ulm, Hans- Zulliger School of Education Help Ulm School for Patients in prolonged hospital treatment and Ulm school kindergarten for particular support needy children Ulm.

The Alb- Donau-Kreis is a shareholder of hospital GmbH Alb- Donau-Kreis. This company is a carrier of health centers Blaubeuren ( with district hospital ), Ehingen (Donau) ( with District Hospital and Geriatric Rehabilitation Clinic ) and Langenau ( with district hospital ).

Cities and Towns

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(Population at 31 December 2012)


Agreed administrative communities and local government associations