Alba (disambiguation)

Alba is the feminine form of the Latin adjective albus = white.

Alba stands for:

  • Alba ( company ), a belonging to the ALBA Group companies in the waste management and recycling industry
  • Alba specialist publishing, a publishing house in Dusseldorf with publications on the subject of traffic
  • Automobiles Alba, a former French automobile manufacturer
  • Fábricas Metalúrgicas Alba, former Portuguese automobile manufacturer
  • Alba automobile plants, former Austro- Hungarian automotive manufacturers
  • Alba Berlin, a basketball club in the capital of Germany
  • Alba (motorcycle), motorcycle manufacturer
  • Alba ( Crown Jewels ), a part of the Imperial Regalia of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Alba ( titular ), titular of the Roman Catholic Church
  • A liturgical garment, see Albe
  • Alba Insurance, a subsidiary of Helvetia Insurance
  • Rosa alba, a bright, historic rose genus.
  • Tagelied, as Occitan, Italian and Latin name for the medieval genre of songs


  • Alba ( Botosani ), village in the county of Botosani
  • Alba de Tormes, place in Spain, established location of the Dukes of Alba
  • Alba Fucens, ancient town in Abruzzo
  • Alba Iulia city in Alba County, Romania
  • Alba Longa, ancient town in Latium, mother city of Rome
  • Alba ( Piedmont), a town in the province of Cuneo (Italy) and a short-term republic under the rule of Napoleon
  • Alba ( Teruel), a municipality in the province of Teruel, Spain
  • Alba ( Tulcea ), Village in the Tulcea county
  • Alba -la -Romaine, city in Ardèche, in the Rhône -Alpes, France
  • Alba county, administrative unit in the region of Transylvania, Romania
  • Székesfehérvár, Fejér county town in Hungary, latin Alba Regia
  • Alba ( Canazei ), part of Canazei in Trentino, Italy

Places in the United States:

  • Alba ( California )
  • Alba ( Michigan)
  • Alba ( Missouri)
  • Alba ( Pennsylvania)
  • Alba ( Rains County, Texas)
  • Alba ( Wood County, Texas)

Alba is the surname of the following persons:

  • Armando Alba Zambrana (1901-1974), Bolivian general and diplomat
  • Christian Alba ( * 1992), Uruguayan football player
  • Daniel Alba ( born 1940 ), Mexican wrestler
  • Edmundo de Alba Alcaraz, Mexican climatologist
  • Georges Alba (1871-1925), French actor and theater director
  • Javier del Río Alba ( b. 1957 ), Peruvian priest, Archbishop of Arequipa
  • Jessica Alba ( b. 1981 ), American actress
  • Jordi Alba ( * 1989), Spanish football player
  • Joshua Alba ( b. 1982 ), American actor
  • Julia Alba ( b. 1979 ), Spanish athlete
  • Julio Alba, Argentine cyclist
  • Miguel Ángel Alba Díaz ( born 1951 ), Mexican priest, Bishop of La Paz en la Baja California Sur
  • Pablo Arosemena Alba (1836-1920), fifth President of the Republic of Panama
  • Raúl de Alba Casillas ( † 2010), Mexican football player

Alba is a part of the name of:

  • Alba Silvius, mythical king of Alba Longa
  • Javier del Río Alba ( b. 1957 ), Peruvian priest, Archbishop of Arequipa

Alba is the first name and the pseudonym of:

Alba is the name of an old Spanish noble family, see Duke of Alba

ALBA as an abbreviation stands for:

  • ALBA allergen database a Dutch allergen database
  • ALBA ( the engine manufacturer ), a former Szczecin companies
  • ALBA carving a sculpture workshop in Munich
  • Aluminium Bahrain, a large aluminum manufacturer in the Gulf State of Bahrain
  • Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas ( Alianza Bolivariana para los Pueblos de Nuestra América ), an American Business Community

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