Albfilm, sometimes Alba film was a film production company owned by the Albanian state, which emerged out of the theater studio " Shqipëria e Re ". My seat was in Tirana.


The Film Center was founded in 1945 as the Albanian Agency for Movies: launched in the year 1947 in a state enterprise of the Albanian cinematography ( Alb.: Ndërmarrja Shtetërore Kinematografike Shqiptare ) ( Alb. Agjencia Shqiptare e Filmave ) was converted. In May 1948, the state-owned company presented its first newsreel. It was built in the country, as so many illiterate people in the population could easily be reached in the 1940s and 1950s many cinemas.

The cinema studio " Shqipëria e Re " ( German New Albany ) was founded on 10 July 1952 as the only film producer in communist Albania. The first produced in Albania movie was Skanderbeg (Russian Великий воин Албании Скандербег, Velikiy voin Albanii Skanderbeg ), an Albanian - Russian co-production with director Sergei Jutkewitsch. The film had its premiere on July 3, 1953 at the Cinema Republika Kinema in Tirana.

In the 1960s about one feature film per year, the majority of whom had the partisan struggle and socialist reforms in the country on the topic arose. Later, for ideological reasons, fewer foreign films were imported, the production increased in the country to clear. It first children's films and comedies were produced, but still mainly dramas. Particularly successful film studio Shqipëria e Re was in the 1970s and 1980s, when at the end of up to 14 films were produced each year. From 1978 onwards, the Albanian Radio Television Televizioni Shqiptar films produced.

This film studio, after a district of Tirana is named today, was dissolved in 1991. In addition to a movie rental, a national archive and a production company for animated films emerged from it then the film producer Alba film that suffered from the beginning of the economic crisis. The number of films produced was because of financial difficulties back constantly, until Albfilm In 1996, the closure of known and stopped the work in 2000.

Today, the National Center of Cinematography supported (Albanian Qendra Kombëtare e Kinematografisë, English Albanian National Center of Cinematography) as a governmental fund the production of films, which are often implemented by former directors of Shqipëria e Re co-productions with other countries. From 1997 to 2006 132 projects were supported. The National Centre of Cinematography was the successor of Albfilm.


Cinema Studio " Shqipëria e Re "