Alberic of Cîteaux

Alberich ( Aubry ) of Citeaux (* around 1050 in France; † January 26, 1109 in Citeaux ) was prior of the Benedictine monastery Molesme ( Diocese of Langres ). Together with Robert Molesme, Stephan Harding and others, he founded on March 21, 1098, the reform of the monastery of Citeaux, near Dijon. As Abbot Robert of Molesme 1099 returned to Molesme, Alberich was the second abbot of the monastery of Citeaux.

When Pope Paschalis II, he reached the independence of the reform monastery from the parent monastery Molesme. By Paschal bull Desiderium quod (19 November 1102) - also called simply the Roman privilege - Alberich has his enduring life's work done: Now is the still small and weak foundation under papal protection. The cost for this was great: letters of recommendation from two cardinals had to be obtained, so were two visitations connected. Two monks had to make the 1500 km trip to Rome and then 200 km to travel further to Troy in southern Italy.

The second abbot in Citeaux and negotiators behind Desiderium quod applies Alberich as one of the three founders of the Cistercian Order. He continued the reform work of the Holy. Robert Molesme regarding clothing, food, liturgy and monastic life in Citeaux continued. He led the white choir robe as an expression of purity, simplicity and poverty. Hands down the hagiography that the Virgin Mary gave him the white cowl; within the order of this event was celebrated with the liturgical memorial Descensio BMV in Cistercium on August 5. Alberich is with the choir robe (sometimes in the form of a scapular ) kneeling at the feet of Mary, depicted with the Roman privilege or as one of the first three abbots.

In the Roman Catholic Church Alberich Remembrance Day is celebrated along with Robert Molesme and Stephen Harding on 26 January.