Albert Avogadro

Albert Avogadro ( Albert of Vercelli, Albert of Jerusalem, * to 1149 in Gualtieri, † September 14, 1214 in Acre ) was bishop of Bobbio, Bishop of Vercelli, as well as Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem.

Albert came from Gualtieri in the diocese of Parma. He proposed a clerical career, a, was initially Canons Regular in Mortara to 1184 Bishop of Bobbio, and from 1185 Bishop of Vercelli.

He mediated a dispute between Pope Clement III. and the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. In 1199 he was involved as papal legate at the end of the war between Parma and Piacenza.

1204 he was appointed by Pope Innocent III. appointed Patriarch of Jerusalem, after he had traveled for this as papal legate to the Holy Land. The Patriarchate had at that time based in Acre, as the city of Jerusalem was occupied by the Muslim Ayyubids. He arbitrated there disputes between the Crusader Kingdoms of Jerusalem and Cyprus, as well as between the Knights Templar and the Kingdom of Lesser Armenia.

1208 he spoke on the instructions of Pope Innocent III. excommunication against the prince Bohemond IV of Antioch, the arrest and torture the Patriarch of Antioch, Peter of Angoulême, had after a rebellion until it was eventually died in prison.

In 1209 he gave the hermit monks in the Carmel Mountains, developed the Order of Carmelites of their community, a first monastic rule.

During a festive procession through Acre for the Feast of Exaltation of the Cross in 1214, he was stabbed by the Master of the Holy Spirit Hospital of St. John in Acre. Albert had previously operated his dishonorable discharge.

He was later canonized by the Catholic Church.