Albert Bittlmayer

Albert Bittlmayer ( born November 8, 1952 † 2 June 1977) was a German football player.

Bittlmayer comes from the youth of the DJK Doll Doll stone in stone at Eichstätt. and came as a youth player for 1.FC Nürnberg. From 1971 to 1973 Bittlmayer ran 87 times for the 1st FC Nuremberg in the regional league, scoring 14 goals. Shortly after the Bundesliga rise of Tennis Borussia Berlin, he moved to Berlin. In his first season he scored there at 20 inserts two goals. After the descent he put together with strike partner Norbert Stolzenburg the foundation for immediate resurgence. 14 goals in 29 missions were at the end of the season to book. After this season ended a cancer, where he died at age 24, his football career.


  • 2 League: 35 games, 15 goals
  • Bundesliga: 20 games, 2 goals