Albert Cohen

Albert Cohen ( born August 16, 1895 Corfu, † October 17, 1981 in Geneva) was a Swiss writer French.


Cohen's Jewish family was of French origin and language, however, lived in Greece. The mother was Louise, born Ferro, an Italian; the father was Marc Cohen, an industrialist. Albert Cohen was married three times.

The family moved in 1900 to Marseille, where he grew up and became friends with Marcel Pagnol. From 1915 to 1919 he studied law in Geneva. In 1919 he received Swiss citizenship. From 1926 to 1932 he worked in the diplomatic department of the International Labour Organization in Geneva, in 1939 as a legal advisor to the Intergovernmental Council for Refugees. After a stay in Paris, he was from 1940 to 1946 representatives of the Jewish Agency in London. Back in Geneva, he was from 1947 to 1954 director of the service for the legal and diplomatic protection of refugees at the UN. More political office he declined in favor of writing.

To a part of the oeuvre includes Cohen personally colored fonts, such as the autobiographical trilogy Le Livre de ma mère (1954 ), O vous, frères humains (1972) and Carnets (1978). This also includes the play Ezéchiel (1933 at the Comédie Française listed ). On the other hand, Cohen wrote Novels in a heroic- comic style as the Solal Fallot ( Solal, 1930; Mangeclous, 1938 La Belle du Seigneur, 1968; Les Valeureux, 1969), which is considered by some to be his most important work. In a satirical way he describes it as a company that is located in resolution. The irony of the lustful passion that is regarded as a myth, accompanied by a lyrical adoration of women. In all the works of Cohen's Judaism plays an important role.


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