Albert Divo

Albert Divo ( born Albert Eugène Diwo, born January 24, 1895 in Paris, † September 19, 1966 in Morsang -sur -Orge, Essonne département ) was a French racing driver.


Albert Divo was a mechanic by trade. At the age of 13 he began an apprenticeship as a ship mechanic. In the first World War, he was a pilot, then first mechanics and then from 1919 to 1939 race car driver. In the 1920s and 1930s, he was a driver for Sunbeam, Delage, Bugatti, Talbot and Delahaye six-time Grand Prix winner.

In 1922 he took part in the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy at the International Endurance Race.

His first Grand Prix victory he scored 1923 Sunbeam Grand Prix of Spain at the Sitges Terramar circuit about 40 - miles outside of Barcelona, Spain.

As a driver for Delage he was behind 1924 Giuseppe Campari second in the European Grand Prix of Lyon.

In 1925, he won two Grand Prix Delage. In July, he won the French Grand Prix at the circuit of Montlhery, after his car was retired and he took over the race car of his teammate Robert Benoist. In September he shared the victory with teammate André Morel at the Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuito Lasarte. On August 22, 1925, the first major racing duel took place at the Klausen race held on the Klausen pass road, which with its Delage won by Italian Count Giulio Masetti on his Sunbeam Grand Prix car with two-liter engine against the French, with five-liter engine. The Klausenrennen was from 1922 to 1934 as the heaviest and most prestigious mountain races in Europe.

With a Talbot 700, he won the 1926 Grand Prix du Salon in Montlhery.

In 1927, he was also a Talbot 700, third in the Grand Prix of Brooklands and first in the race of the formula free racing car in Montlhery.

After the withdrawal of the brands Talbot - Darracq and Delage from racing, he was initially unemployed and came in 1928 instead of the fatally injured Pietro Bordino in the Bugatti factory team, in which he remained until 1933.

1928 and 1929 he went on a Bugatti Type 35B at the Targa Florio victory.

He played a lot of races in England and Ireland. Allegedly because of easier pronunciation in those countries he left in 1928 the spelling of his name in Divo change. In Morsang -sur -Orge, he was in 1935 elected to the city council.

Albert Divo was a founding member of the Club International des Anciens Pilotes de Grand Prix F1 ( 1962 in Villars -sur -Ollon, Switzerland ).

The Bugatti racing driver Janine Jennky was at times his partner. After the Second World War, Albert Divo worked as a racing manager at Castrol.

Albert Divo was named Knight of the Legion of Honour. He died in 1966 of a heart attack and was buried in the cemetery in Morsang -sur -Orge.

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