Albert Dupuis

Albert Dupuis (* March 1, 1877 in Verviers, † September 19, 1967 in Brussels) was a Belgian composer.


As the son of a music teacher Albert Dupuis had early access to music education. At the age of eight, he took lessons conservatory of his native town of Verviers and learned the game of violin, piano and flute. After the death of his parents at the age of 15 years, he worked as a tutor for Verviers Grand Théâtre and led next to his studies, particularly for the François Duyzings in harmony. He was an excellent student and was the 18 -year-old his first comic opera to the stage.

Vincent d' Indy in 1897 was aware of him and let him come to Paris, where he worked as coach of the choir of St- Eustache de Paris for an activity at the Schola Cantorum. In 1900 he returned for marriage back to Verviers. In 1903, he (not the French Prix de Rome to confound ) won with his cantata La Chanson d' Halewyn the Belgian Premier Grand Prix de Rome, and on 5 March of the same year his opera Jean -Michel at the Théâtre de La Monnaie was premiered.

1905 Dupuis was nominated for the post of conductor of the theater of Ghent. He took this, but only stayed for one season, because in 1906 he abandoned his work in favor of the composition again. 1907 offered him the city council from Verviers to the post of Director of the local conservatory. Finally, where he remained until his retirement in 1947. During his lifetime, he celebrated with his works great successes in Brussels and the larger cities of Belgium (especially in Flanders ) and France, especially with his opera La Passion, in over 150 times was played the Brussels opera La Monnaie and conducted by Dupuis itself. His music was appreciated and played by several other composers and conductors, for example, by Eugène Ysaÿe, who introduced Dupuis ' works in the United States. The Master thanked Ysaÿe for his appreciation with the dedication of several works.

Two of his daughters followed his path in the music, and Irène Gislene as a cellist as a violinist. His grandson, Philippe -Louis Dupuis (born 1958 ) is a pianist and organist, singer, trumpet player, a successful composer, who created numerous compositions in various areas, including seven piano concertos.

Characteristic features of his music

Influenced by his master Vincent d' Indy, he belongs to the school of César Franck. Stylistically it is based, however, closer to Gabriel Fauré; his music can be characterized as impressionistic. He was primarily an opera composer (15 works in this genre are ), and all his works are marked very lyrical.

Works (selection)

Stage and vocal works

  • La Chanson d' Halewyn, 1903 (Durand - Salabert - Eschig Publishing, Paris)
  • Collection of 12 mélodies (Schott Verlag, Brussels and Katto Verlag, Brussels)


  • Eight ballets
  • 15 works sanistations voice and orchestra
  • 20 choral works

Orchestral works

  • About 30 orchestral works, including: two symphonies
  • Four symphonic poems
  • Concerto pour violoncello ( handgeschriben )
  • Légende, 1909
  • Concerto pour piano
  • Concerto pour violon
  • Fantaisie Rhapsodique, 1906 (Schott Verlag, Brussels)

Chamber Music

  • About 20 pieces for piano, including: Suite champêtre ( Cranz publishing house, Bruxelles)
  • Pièces paradoxical, 1923 ( Bayard- Nizet Publisher, Stavelot )
  • Sonate pour violon et piano, 1922 ( Senart Publishing, Paris)