Albert Einstein Award

The Albert Einstein Award is one of the Lewis and Rosa Strauss Memorial Fund via the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS ) award Physics Prize, donated to Albert Einstein's 70th birthday. Einstein was a member of the IAS and Lewis Strauss in its Board of Trustees. The Committee for the first prize Einstein was represented. At first, it was associated with a prize of $ 15,000, later reduced to $ 5,000. He has been awarded since 1951.

He should not be confused with the Albert Einstein Medal, but is also connected with a medal, which is why it is sometimes referred to as Einstein Medal. There are also several other named after Einstein awards such as the Albert Einstein Commemorative Award in Science from Yeshiva University, the Einstein Award of SolarWorld AG, the Albert Einstein Peace Prize, an Israeli Einstein Award and the Albert Einstein World Award of Science of the World Cultural Council.

Award winners

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