Albert Gleizes

Albert Gleizes ( born December 8, 1881 in Paris, † June 23, 1953 in Avignon ) was a French painter and writer.

Gleizes, a nephew of the painter Léon Comerre, had trained as a technical draftsman, was a co-founder of the Salon d' Automne and a member of the Section d' Or and is considered a representative of Cubism. His painted works he underscored by the publication of several art history and scientific writings. Together with Jean Metzinger, he wrote, for example, the essay " Cubisme " in 1912 and used for the first time the value-free term " cubism ".

Gleizes founded in 1927 Craftsman Community Moly - Sabata, created murals for the Paris World Fair in 1937 and 1951 received the Grand Prix at the French Biennale in Menton.

Gleizes ' nephew was the naval officer and deep sea explorer Houot Georges ( 1913-1977 ).

Pictures of Albert Gleizes