Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn B. V. is a Dutch supermarket chain, which originated from a small grocery store, the Albert Heijn senior had founded in 1887 in the North Holland Oostzaan. Today it is the oldest part of the Ahold Group.

Albert Heijn operates full-line supermarkets ( as opposed to discounters such as C1000 ), and achieves 32.8 % in the Netherlands the highest market share. In addition, under Albert Heijn XL are particularly large markets ( hypermarkets ), smaller district catering and operated under the brand Albert Heijn to go convenience shops as well as a delivery service under the name Albert.

Albert Heijn is also a trademark, are offered under the corresponding transactions in the goods.


Albert Heijn is represented mainly in the Netherlands but also in Belgium and on Curaçao. Since September 2012, the chain expanded with the branch model AH to go to Germany, which will be opened for logistical reasons currently only locations in North Rhine -Westphalia and are planned. Currently, there are three branches in Aachen, Dusseldorf and Essen.

The company operates four different branch models:

  • District catering ( wijkwinkel ) provide with 832 pieces, including 200 in the franchise, the largest number in the branch network. They are in the size category 1 ( small) divided to 5 ( high). Many remain open until 20:00 clock, some even until 22:00 clock. Mainly in large cities, some also open on Sundays.
  • Albert Heijn to go are 46 small shops in locations with high pedestrian traffic, so particularly at railway stations, gas stations and in city centers. They provide, at higher prices than in the other branch types, especially products for immediate consumption or use, in often quite long opening times (sometimes until 24:00 clock ).
  • Albert Heijn XL are very large markets that offer next to a larger range of additional services, such as a photo service and a recipes database. The concept provides each a "XL " market for every major city and the surrounding region before, yet they come in Alkmaar, Almere, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Assen, The Hague, Ede, Eindhoven ( 2x), Enschede, Heerhugowaard, Helmond, Hoofddorp, Leeuwarden, Leiden, Maastricht, Muiden, Nijmegen (2x), Oostburg, Purmerend, Rijswijk, Roermond, Rotterdam (2x), Tilburg, Utrecht, Venlo Vlissingen, Zaandam, Zoetermeer and in Zutphen.
  • Albert is a delivery service with online purchases, which offers ( a total of about 10,000 items ) a selection from the assortment of Albert Heijn supermarkets and other companies of the Ahold Group.

Special Offers

In addition to regular special offers or promotions weeks (for example, hamsters Weken ) a free bonus card is offered with printed barcode, which is scanned with the figures at checkout. This gives a bonus card in credit card format and two bonus cards that can be used as a keychain. If the key is lost and once the cardholder has registered his card, the finder can send the key in an unstamped envelope to Albert Heijn, where this is headed back free of charge at the registered key holders. For foreign customers unfamiliar is the practice that the current special offers are only valid in connection with the Bonus Card. Usually you get the card immediately, so you can use it the same for the current purchases. In many border Albert Heijn markets the registration form for the bonus card in German language is made ​​; these forms are then suitable for German addresses. At the service counter you get directly after completing its Bonus Card. This can be used immediately for the purchase.