Albert Hyzler

Albert Victor Hyzler ( born November 20, 1916 in Valletta, † 26 October 1993 ) was a Maltese politician and from 1981 to 1982 Acting President of Malta.


The son of the professor and politician Joseph Hyzler studied as his father also medicine at the University of Malta and graduated as Doctor of Medicine ( MD).

Political career

Member of Parliament

Together with his father and two other representatives, he was elected in 1947 for the DAP in the House of Representatives. In 1950 he retired again from the Parliament, however, from, after only a DAP candidate has been elected to the Parliament. In 1951 he was chosen for the Maltese Workers Party ( MWP ) of former Prime Minister Paul Boffa House of Representatives. In protest against the coalition government formed between the MWP and the PN under George Borg Olivier, he resigned from the MWP and in October 1953 the " Maltese Labour Party " (MLP ) at.

From December 18 1953 to September 20, 1976 Hyzler for MLP was re-elected to Parliament.


On March 11, 1955 he was appointed the Prime Minister and Chairman of the MLP, Dom Mintoff, as Minister of Health and Social Services in his cabinet. This office he held until the beginning of the constitutional crisis on April 26, 1958. During the subsequent protests against the British colonial power, he was arrested and detained for 32 days. Subsequently, he worked with the institution of the MLP " Is- Sebh ".

When Mintoff on June 21, 1971 again became prime minister, Hyzler was first Minister of Development, mail and then shortly before the founding of the Republic on September 30, 1974 until his resignation on 20 September 1976 again Minister of Health.

President of Malta

Hyzler was dated 27 December 1981 to 15 February 1982 as the successor of Anton Buttigieg Acting President of Malta. On February 15, 1982, he was replaced by Agatha Barbara, the first female President of Malta.


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