Albert I, Count of Namur

Albert I (* 973 and 981 testifies; † shortly before 1011) was around 973 Count of Namur. He was the son of Robert Comes ( † before 981 ) and Ermengarde of Lorraine; Robert was again by his mother ( the heiress of Lommegaus ) a granddaughter Reginhars of Hainault from the House of Reginare, Ermengarde a daughter of Count Otto von Verdun, Duke of Lorraine.

He married 990 the Carolingians Gerin Adelheid ( † after 1012), daughter of Duke Charles of Lower Lorraine, who had since 987 French pretender to the throne and was jailed 991 of Hugh Capet and imprisoned until his death in Orléans.

Albert and Adelheid had at least two children:

  • Robert II, 1013-1018 testifies † before 1031, Count of Namur
  • Albert II, 1031-1062 testifies † 1063/64, Vogt Andennes, 1047 founder of the monastery of Saint- Aubin in Namur; Testified ∞ Reginlindis of Lorraine, 1067, daughter of the Duke Gotzelo I..