Albert III, Count of Gorizia

Albert III. of Gorizia († 1374 ) was a Count of Gorizia, who lived in the period of the Middle Ages and worked.

Albert III. came from the first marriage of my hardi African Count Albert II of Gorizia with Elisabeth of Hesse, daughter of Landgrave Henry I. In 1338, he joined together with his (half ) brothers Henry V and Meinhard VI. of Gorizia, the legacy of her cousin John Henry IV of Gorizia. In the years 1329/38, he was Governor of Friuli, Gorizia and Istria. He became the sole Count Palatine of Carinthia Through an agreement with his half-brothers in 1339. Albert III. was first married to a noble woman named Helena, and in a second marriage ( 1353 ) with Catherine of Celje ( 1284-1308 ), daughter of Count Friedrich I.