Albert IV, Duke of Mecklenburg

Albrecht IV of Mecklenburg ( * before 1363, † btw 24 and December 31, 1388 ) was from 1383 to 1388 as co-regent Duke of Mecklenburg.

Albrecht IV of Mecklenburg was the son of the Mecklenburg Duke Henry III. born of Mecklenburg and Inge castle of Denmark. He was appointed in 1371 or 1375 by his grandfather King Valdemar IV Atterday his heir as king of Sweden. But this did not entirely voluntary. Waldemar IV got back this promise Scania and all other previously conquered by Albrecht father Danish territories. But a large part of the nobility against Albrecht rose, declared him deposed and called Valdemar daughter Margaret I to help. These appointed in 1376 her son Olav II as King under their guardianship. Albrecht renounced the throne and took over in 1383 after the death of his father and his uncle Magnus and his son John IV, the co-regency in Mecklenburg. He was married to Elisabeth von Holstein, the daughter of Nicholas of Holstein - Rendsburg, and died at the end of the year 1388th