Albert Mayaud

Albert Mayaud (* 1899, † August 14, 1987 ) was a French swimmer and water polo player.

Mayaud took first at the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp, where he participated with the French water polo team and also took the 4x200m freestyle relay. In both competitions, he was unsuccessful in the water ball is different even in the first round against Brazil from. Four years later, at the Olympic Games in Paris, he again took part with the water polo team that won the gold medal after a 3-0 in the finals over Belgium. In the quarter- final against the Netherlands, which was won 6-3, he threw a goal and in the semifinal against Sweden, which was won 4-2, two. His teammates, with whom he won the medal, were Paul Dujardin, Georges Rigal, Noël Delberghe, Henri Padou, Robert Desmettre and Albert Deborgies.