Albert S. Bard

Albert S. Bard ( born December 19, 1866 in Norwich, Connecticut, † March 25, 1963 ) was an American lawyer and civil rights activist in New York City.


From 1901 to 1935, the Harvard Lawyer ran a law firm in New York City. However, Bard became well-known as an activist for arts, heritage conservation and good governance. Again and again he struggled to processes against corrupt state and city employees and against corrupt fellow citizens. He was one of the middle-class reformers who opposed the influence of the infamous Tammany Hall on the city policy. Particularly active he was in the Citizens Union and in the 1909 he founded Honest Ballot Association, both campaigning against the then in the U.S. widespread practice of electoral fraud.

1956, the so-called " Bard Act" was enacted for the preservation order. Since 1962, the Albert S. Bard Award is awarded for the enrichment of the cultural and intellectual public life.