Albert V, Duke of Saxe-Coburg

Albert of Saxe-Gotha -Altenburg ( born May 24, 1648 Gotha; † August 6, 1699 in Coburg ) was since 1680 Duke of Saxe- Coburg.


Albrecht was the second of the seven sons of Duke Ernst I of Saxe- Gotha (1601-1675) from his marriage to Elizabeth Sophia (1619-1680), the only daughter of Duke Johann Philipp of Saxe- Altenburg. The prince was carefully educated and visited with his brother Bernhard since 1666 the University of Tübingen to later resume studies in Geneva. His grand tour undertook Albrecht and his brother Henry to Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.

After the common royal household was abandoned with his brothers at Castle peace, in Gotha, Albrecht made ​​after his wedding Saalfeld to his residence and built from 1676 is a castle on the site of the former Benedictine monastery.

After the final partition of an estate in 1680 but was Duke Albrecht of Saxe- Coburg, Saalfeld while his youngest brother Johann Ernst devolved. Albrecht got in this inheritance in addition to office and city of Coburg, the court Unterrodach, office and town of Neustadt, court and city Sonnenberg, Monastery Mönchröden, Office Sonnenfeld and office administration Neuhaus. Albrecht resided in the Coburg Castle Ehrenburg, which he had built new again as a baroque palace complex after a fire in 1690. The year before, Albrecht was involved in the conquest of the French-occupied city of Mainz and the fortress of Bonn. After the death of his older brother Frederick I of Saxe- Gotha in 1691, Albrecht was a senior of Ernestine house the Office Oldisleben.

Albrecht was considered musically gifted and especially his first wife, daughter of the founder of the famous library, had a significant influence on him. To Albrechts follow a dispute erupted among his brothers, or their descendants, the youngest brother finally 1714 Albrecht Johann Ernst was largely able to decide for themselves.


Albrecht married on July 18, 1676 in Gotha Marie Elisabeth ( 1638-1687 ), daughter of Duke August of Brunswick- Wolfenbüttel and widow of the Duke Adolf Wilhelm of Saxe- Eisenach. With her he had his only child:

  • Ernst August (1677-1678)

His second marriage Albrecht concluded on 24 May 1688 in Coburg with Susanne Elisabeth ( 1643-1717 ), daughter of Nicholas Kempinski, Freiherr von Schwisiz and Altenhofen to Limberg. Susanne Elisabeth was raised in 1689 by Emperor Leopold in the imperial princes.