Albert may refer to:

  • Albert, a male pre- as well as a name - there also bearers of the name


  • Canton of Albert in France
  • Albert ( Somme) in France
  • Albert ( South Africa) in South Africa
  • Albert ( New South Wales ), Australia
  • Albert Park, District of Melbourene, Australia
  • Albert County, administrative unit in New Brunswick, Canada
  • Electoral District of Albert region in Queensland, Australia

In the United States:

  • Albert ( Arkansas), in Montgomery County
  • Albert ( Georgia), in Lumpkin County - no longer exists
  • Albert ( Kansas), in Barton County
  • Albert ( New Mexico), in Harding County
  • Albert ( Oklahoma), in Caddo County
  • Albert ( PA ) in Luzerne County
  • Albert ( Texas), in Gillespie County
  • Albert City, Buena Vista County, Iowa
  • Albert Lea in Freeborn County, Minnesota
  • Albert Place, in Salt Lake County, Utah


  • Albert Capsouto Park, Park in New York County, New York
  • Albert E Short Triangle Park in Queens County, New York
  • Albert E Sleeper State Park, Park in Huron County, Michigan
  • Albert Field, park in Marin County, California
  • Albert G Waters Stadium, park in Middlesex County, New Jersey
  • Albert H. Powers Memorial State Park, Park in Coos County, Oregon
  • Albert Kelly Park City, Park in Multnomah County, Oregon
  • Albert Lysander Parham Playground, park in Kings County, New York
  • Albert Norris Conservation Area, park in Plymouth County, Massachusetts
  • Albert P Richter Park, park in Westchester County, New York
  • Albert Park (Minnesota ), park in Dakota County, Minnesota
  • Albert Philippi Park, Park in Gilliam County, Oregon
  • Albert Pike Recreation Area, Park in Montgomery County, Arkansas
  • Albert the Bull Park, Park in Audubon County, Iowa
  • Albert Whitted Park, Park in Pinellas County, Florida

Acts of war:

  • Battle of Albert ( 1914), 25th - 29th September 1914, Somme, Picardy, France
  • Battle of Albert ( 1916), 1st - 13th July 1916, Somme, Picardy, France
  • Battle of Albert ( 1918), 21 - 22nd August 1918, Somme, Picardy, France


  • Albert Airport, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania
  • Albert Farms Airport, Hampshire County, Massachusetts
  • Albert Guido Memorial Heliport, Essex County, New Jersey
  • Albert J Ellis Airport, Onslow County, North Carolina
  • Albert J Lindberg Airport, Mackinac County, Michigan
  • Albert Lea Municipal Airport, Freeborn County, Minnesota
  • Albert Lodge Heliport, Delaware County, Oklahoma
  • Albert Whitted Airport, Pinellas County, Florida


  • Albert Bayou, flowing waters in Washington County, Mississippi
  • Albert Brook, flowing waters in Aroostook County, Maine
  • Albert Nile, part of the River Nile
  • Albert Run, a river in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania
  • ( 719) Albert, the asteroid 719
  • Albert ( car brand ), a British automobile marque ( 1920-1924 )
  • Albert vehicle technology and design, former German automobile manufacturer
  • Albert & Hamm, founded in 1861, printing machinery company
  • Chemische Werke Albert in Mainz- Amoeneburg
  • Albert Gordon Pond, Lake in Santa Rosa County, Florida
  • Albert Frei and Sons Sand and Gravel Pit Mine in Adams County, Colorado
  • Albert Mann Mine, mine in Crook County, Wyoming
  • Albert Sims fairy land mine, mine in Converse County, Wyoming
  • Albert Heijn, Dutch supermarket chain

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