Albertirsa–Zakhidnoukrainskaya–Vinnytsia powerline

The 750 kV line Albertirsa - Sachidnoukrainskaja - Vinnytsia, also Russian - Albertirsa Sapadnoukrainskaja - Vinnitsa, is the only 750 - kV line in Hungary and one of the few lines in the area of the European Union, which is operated with this AC. She went into operation in 1979, connecting the substation of Albertirsa in Hungary (east of Borodschyzi ) and Vinnytsia in Ukraine with the substations Sachidnoukrajinska and is designed for a capacity of 2000 MVA.

As supporting masts portal masts are used, which are guyed structures in flood areas freestanding structures and in areas without flooding. As a guy masts special freestanding structures with a half trusses are used, in which the center conductor wire is passed around the mast construction with the help of insulators at this half Traverse.